stop bringing this back until i gew new followers from it

bustin out the wolf’s rain fan art

Blue is literally the coolest

i gasped so hard a fly went in my mouth im sorry little fly

its only 8am but im in dire need of a burger but all we have are scones

idek where my art style is even going anymore

but its going somewhere

ohh golly gosh

i wanna be a professional artist but i also wanna be a doctor in a morgue and also a cheerleader but idk if i’ll make the cut for any of them

imagine an au where theres only happy things and no one dies and because of this homura hasnt become a closed and bitter shell and is nice to everyone like homura being a nice friend and helping kyouko swim and madoka being cool

I dont see much art of giraffes. Would giraffes be ok?

i also got another ask by  suggesting giraffes - theyre p fun to draw but rly confusing

aparently giraffes are part of the deer family, isnt that cool

i feel like i need to draw more animals, so u guys should totally suggest me animals to draw

but no wolves because do u know how much wolf anthro art i did when i was 11/12

the answer is a lot





Reblog and post a photo of yourself alongside the way you draw yourself



it’s for science

(it can be a non human character design)







threw in the chibi because that’s how i draw myself a majority of the time   (´ ▽ `;; )

so realistic

wow backgrounds so arent my thing

my icon makes me feel like a dad

i watched monsters university on the weekend and !!! python nu kappa are my favourite team

im sorry i just drew a lot the past few days

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